About Me

Born in Canary Islands Spain,father having an Indian origin and mother from Tenerife.
Sofia has done her Masters in Marketing and lived in India for almost 20 years now and has a good fortune of learning 7 languages in her repertoire.
Graduated from MMK College, Mumbai,post graduated in Public Relations from Annamalai University, Chennai and masters in MBA-Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune

Sofia Khandelwal

About Mind Your Language

The world is transforming fast. All of a sudden, the globe seems shrunk and more connected. Today, communication is everything. Learning foreign languages opens up endless opportunities to business personnel and professionals across the world. Globalization has led to coalition and partnerships of India along with various other countries. Therefore, our objective is to make this communication effortless. Mind Your Language is a multi-linguistic language learning center offering 20+ languages, through online classes, crash course, batch classes and individual training.

In addition, we also extend our service to Corporate and Soft Skill framing, Personality Development and Confidence building, Communication Skills, Master of Ceremonies and Translation and Interpretation.

Mind Your Language is an institute that evolved in January 2018. It started its services by offering 4 foreign languages and today we have more than 24 international and regional languages.
Mind Your Language does not limit itself to just language classes but also offers varied services like Corporate Language training, Personality development and Confidence building, Accent training, translation and interpretations and recruitment of teachers in various schools and institution. Our institute is a ‘One stop language shop’.